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Bravo Rawhide

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There's lots of debate about the safety of rawhide. We took this very seriously, have done our own research and have decided to continue stocking Bravo/Lennox Rawhides. The following main concerns have been addressed to our satisfaction. We aren't saying they are perfect, just not as bad as some make out.

Choking Hazard

Yes we agree there is a risk of choking with rawhide. There is also a risk with all other chews if your dog tries to swallow a piece thats too large. This can also upset digestion as with other chews. We'd suggest that if your dog is tends to try and eat large chunks then maybe avoid hide knots.


Yes, Bravo hides are washed for a long period in water containing low levels of Hydrogen Peroxide. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide sounds a little scary but the chemical formula is H2O2. During cleaning the Hydrogen and Oxygen are separated into H2O and O2 (water and Oxygen). Now that doesn't sound scary at all.

Artificial Colours and Flavours

Bravo use safe flavouring but we choose not to sell them anyway.