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Dog Food for Kidney/Renal Disease CKD

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Dog food for Kidney/Renal Disease

We often speak to customers whose dog is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) looking for advice on what to feed. Often the dog has a loss of appetite and owners want to feed a high-quality food. This is why they want to steer away from Prescription Diets which are often made with low quality ingredients which aren’t very palatable.

There are 3 things that need to be reduced in your dogs’ diet to help manage the disease.

Phosphorus, Protein and Salt.

Meat protein generally contains high levels of Phosphors but it’s also beneficial for weight management which many dogs with CKD struggle with.

We have found that foods containing Meat Meals/Dried Animal Protein have higher levels of Phosphorus compared to those with Fresh Meat. Therefore, we suggest looking more at the quality of the meat rather than the amount.

Getting the right balance is key.

We believe that Tribal Senior is a great option for the following reasons:

  1. Moderate levels of high-quality Fresh Meat
  2. Low Phosphorus at 0.55%
  3. Low Protein at 19.4%
  4. No Added Salt
  5. Highly digestible due to ingredients and processing
  6. Highly Palatable

If your dog is struggling more with weight loss then Tribal Adult Turkey would be the best option as it has more Protein but a fraction more Phosphorus.

Don’t forget about treats and chews. Sweet Potato options are great as they are low in Phosphorus, Protein and Salt.

Always make sure plenty of fresh drinking water is available and encourage drinking as this will help flush the kidneys.

I hope you find this quick and easy article useful.

Michael Taylor

Taylors Petfoods