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Pigs Ears
Lets face it, we all love to treat our dogs, because we love them. We also love to feed a healthy food because we love them. So lets combine the 2 and give our dogs healthy treats as well. 
Read the ingredients and avoid things like 'derivatives, sugar, salt, preservatives and colourants'.
Some people say "I only give my dog 3 unhealthy treats a day. That won't do them any harm". But that's over 1,000 per year. 

The key is to give healthy treats in moderation and adjust their food intake accordingly.
Obesity shortens the life of your dog and by simply giving smaller healthier treats it can be easily avoided.

Chews and Bones
These are ideal for your dogs dental hygiene and satisfies their natural desire to chew releasing happy hormones called 'endorphins'.

Training Treats
Ideal rewards as part of your dogs training program.

Indulging Treats
Why not let your pooch indulge themselves into something more fancy a couple of times a week. Maybe a 100% Venison Sausage or a 100% Free-Range Chicken Breast.

There are loads of treats available in store for some healthy, happy treating.