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Weight Loss (Dogs)

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Weight loss

This is something we come across on a regular basis and is a tough subject to tackle.

Every dog is different and will require feeding amounts tailored specifically to them.

It’s important to remember that there is no MAGIC food you can feed your dog that will MAKE them lose weight. There are foods that can ASSIST you in HELPING your dog lose weight.

Here are a few tips and guidelines.

Firstly take firm control over your dogs food intake.

Check the amount you feed per day against the feeding guide and remember to take treats into account.

Always feed based on what your dog needs to weigh, not what they currently weigh.

If you’re feeding over the recommended amount for what you want them to weigh, try reducing the daily amount by 10% per week until you reach the desired amount.

If you are feeding the correct amount try reducing it. Your dog may need less than others.

We’d suggest avoiding dry foods with less than 21% protein. Many light foods have less than 21% protein and achieve this by reducing the (high quality) meat content and increasing (low quality) carbohydrate. An overweight dog needs protein to promote lean muscle mass which helps support their joints.

Acana Light and Fit helps greatly with weight loss and has 35% protein.

Try using a slow feed bowl as this can make the bowl look fuller.

As your dog loses weight you’ll probably see their activity levels increase.

Exercise plays an important role in successful weight loss but try not to over do it. An overweight dog is more likely to incur an injury to their joint if the exercise is too strenuous.

Healthy dogs are Happy dogs so focus on the end goal.